Buggrit - an Introduction in One Act

posted 12/19/2002

The odds are very much in my favor when I state that you probably don't know me. Statistics are again in my favor when I theorize that you most likely don't want to know me. These brutal statements, however interesting, do not explain this website.
Buggrit Online - buggrit.com - is a website, wherein an old, sarcastic, slightly bitter polytheist liberal - that would be me - explains, rhapsodizes or rants about, pokes fun at, or debunks an assortment of topics, occasionally of the broad-ranging "current events" genre. The intended audience is open-minded liberals and fence-sitting political neophytes - possibly you. Dittoheads, funnie-mentalists, and wingnuts will not find much of interest here. This is not to say that this site is heavily political, for it's not. It simply reflects a very unique point-of-view that tends to be at odds with the conservative talking points of the week.
The views expressed herein are only my own. My goal, inasmuch as I have one, is not to tell you what to think - that's what the media and Big Brother are for - but to jar you out of your happily dazed entropic apathy and get you to think. It is clear that the insipid, mind-numbing content found on radio and television today - have you ever wondered why they call it "programming"? - is producing a planet full of people with attention spans best measured in milliseconds, the political awareness of sickly rats, and a frighteningly low intelligence level. Once, the world was filled with, and most countries were founded and run by, ambitious, free-thinking individuals not afraid to ask questions. Today, at the leading edge of the twenty-first century, it is filled largely with apathetic bipedal sheep whose only two questions are "Would you like fries with that?" and "What do I do next?". More people today receive an education than at any other time in history - yet they will go on to be among the poorest-educated masses of people since the industrial revolution. More money will be spent by your government this year - regardless of which country you live in - on killing or preparing for the killing of people in your or another country than will be spent on medical research, or, in most countries, medical programs of any sort.
There's a famous quote - I don't know who said it - that reads "If you're not angry, you're not paying attention". More misguided idiots dedicate their lives to trying to help bastards like Leonard Peltier or 'Mumia' than try to help war victims in the balkans or Chechnya. Nationalist "media" outlets pump out a steady diet on un-news and half-truths designed not to shock or upset their readers, listeners or viewers. Why? The answer, I think, and I'll say this often throughout this website, is because people don't think.
Rational thought and advanced communication set humans apart from other mammals. Yet few people truly think for themselves at all, yet alone rationally, and the greatest communication tool the world has ever known - the internet - is used primarily as a means to perpetrate scams and fraud, view pornography, and maliciously circumnavigate copyright laws.
It's my hope to, over time, exercise my First Amendment rights, while I've still got them, and express ideas on a broad range of topics that will appeal to the interested masses. I'm not interested in engaging in discourse with uptight conservatives who disagree with me; your practiced but unreasoned arguments are taken for granted, you need not bore me with them. I don't particularly desire feedback. This isn't a blog; there's neither room nor function for comments, trackbacks, and all those other things we somehow managed to live without only a few years ago. Call it narcissism, if you like. Call it a waste of time, energy, and bandwith. Or, alternatively, feel free to bookmark this site and check back later. Tell your friends, tell your enemies, people you think will like the site, and people you don't. Any time someone can be jarred out of their comfortable, shiny happy apathetic dream and into the fascist nightmare that modern western society has become, even for a brief and fleeting moment; any time someone's eyes can be opened and they can see the dirty, unhappy truth all around them, they will be forced to think, even if only for the briefest of moments. If it happens often enough, it may become a habit - and that's all I can really hope for.
A few miscellaneous notes that fit here as well as anywhere: Some, but not all, names have been changed, to protect the innocent or lawsuit-happy. While, as noted above, the views herein are my own, there is to be found here hyperbole, rhetoric, sarcasm, and devil's advocacy. UBE, as included near the bottom of the front page, in the phrase "we hate UBE", is not a gang, or a website, or a political action committee, and I advocate no violence nor ill-will towards any group or organization with those initials. As used here, it means "unsolicited bulk email", a technical and anal-retentive way of saying "spam email". On a related note, this website is a proud member of the Lumber Cartel [tinlc]; for more information, I suggest you search that term in your favorite search engine. Agreement with Osama bin Laden's views vis a vis world politics is not in any way an endorsement of violence or terror as a tool for change, nor endorsement or support of the actions and behaviour of the Taleban or al Qaeda.
Law enforcement officers wishing to contact me about this website, other websites, urban exploration-related matters, or anything else - including social visits just to say hi, damnit guys - are strongly encouraged - even begged - to call before arriving. 0700 may be a reasonable hour for you to be up and about, but for those of us who go to sleep at 0200, it's the middle of the night, and I'm never at my best when woken abruptly by people in uniform at the door...


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